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Social Media Nightmare

A high-quality printed map featuring a variety of social media sites.

Buddy Media, a company that helps clients manage social media through software solutions, recently released this graphic during a new product launch. The graphic was then picked up and added to a blog post at where it received nearly 30K shares between Linked in, Twitter and Facebook in its first 10 days on the net.

The fact that the graphic received so many hits reveals an interesting truth. Businesses are dazed and confused by what has become the daunting task of staying on top of social media marketing. Of course this is what companies like Buddy Media are counting on, since they provide a software solution to the confusion – to the tune of a big slice of your marketing budget.

As internet marketing bazaar gets more and more confusing, and more importantly, increasingly diluted, what is the next step for businesses looking to get ahead? Maybe the solution is right in front of all of us. No I’m not talking about your screen, I’m talking about your desktop, what’s on it? My guess is that it’s loaded with printed paper. It wasn’t long ago that print marketing was big business, and for good reason – it worked. A lot of businesses, especially the young ones forgot about forms of print marketing during the dawn of the internet era, but the wise ones are looking at it again. After all, there is surprisingly little competition these days inside your mailbox.

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