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Labels, Stickers & Decals

Distinctive Label, Sticker, and Decal Printing for Standout Packaging

With such a wide array of styles and designs as well as technical requirements for consistency and effectiveness, there are many factors that have to come together to create successful labels stickers and decals. At Olympus Press we have the experience and expertise to make sure these printed items are clear, visually consistent across broad print runs and reliable. We can guide you through every step of the process deciding paper stock, adhesive and die cutting to get the perfect showcasing of your design in printed form.

How High-speed Offset And Digital Printing Can Affect How Your Labels Look

For labels, stickers, and decals, digital printing is often the go-to for its ability to produce vibrant, detailed graphics in short runs, ideal for custom or specialty products. Offset printing is more suited to large-scale productions where uniformity and cost reduction are key, especially for standard designs in high quantities.

Pre-publishing Services For Your Labels And Decals

We Can Accommodate Custom Sizes And Finishing For All Your Print Items

We have all the letterpress capabilities you need:

As well as a complete finishing department:

  • folding equipment
  • cutting machines

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