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Tailored Calendar Printing to Make Your Design Shine

With our expertise we can make sure your calendars design is fully realized in print by choosing the best substrates, printing methods, and finishing techniques to make it visually stunning. Whether it is a high quantity run with high definition offset printing or a quick turnaround digital print job we’ll make sure your photos and art are crisp and vibrant.

Which Printing Works Best For Calendars: High-speed Offset Or Digital Printing

Calendars benefit from offset printing when producing large quantities, as it delivers exquisite color reproduction and detail at a lower cost per piece.  

For personalized calendars or limited editions, digital printing is preferable, offering vibrant colors and the flexibility to incorporate unique images or dates without significantly increasing costs.

Pre-publishing Services For Calendars

  • Prepress Proofing 
  • Typesetting
  • Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Color management – including color correction and color matching

We Offer All Types Of Calendar Binding Styles

Saddle Stitch

This binding method has the pages of your calendar stapled to the spine. It’s a great cost-effective method for smaller calendars.

Coil Binding (aka Spiral Coil Binding)

In this style, pages of the calendar are perforated on the edge allowing for a metal or plastic wire to be spiraled through the holes. Commonly used for reports, proposals and manuals. Documents bound with coil have the ability to lay flat and can rotate 360 degrees.

Custom Sizes, Die Cutting And Special Finishing For Your Calendar

We have all the letterpress capabilities you need:

  • Scoring
  • Die-cutting
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing

As well as a complete finishing department:

  • a multi-pocket stitcher
  • folding equipment
  • cutting machines

We Have Mailing Or Distributing Your Calendars Handled

Olympus Press can not only help you produce the highest quality calendar but also ensure their delivery and distribution is seamless. We guarantee that your calendars arrive to your audience accurately and on time through direct mail campaigns and broad distribution strategies.  

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