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Web-To-Print with MyProject

Click. Type. Order.

With the MyProject web-to-print solution, you’ll find ordering items like business cards, corporate stationery, brochures, and postcards easier than ever before. MyProject is a web store set up just for your company, featuring only your company’s products.

With encrypted login control we ensure that you or your company agent can order your products safely and effortlessly, 24 hours a day.  Our industry leading web-to-print software system effortlessly manages your orders and communicates with our pre-press department to fulfill orders. MyProject turns what was once a drain on administrative time into an effortless process.

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No more Graphic Design headaches

MyProject completely automates setting up files that need to be repeat ordered with only small changes, such as business cards and letterhead. Using variable printing technology, we take care of the graphic design and typesetting for you. We take a master file that has been created to your brand specifications and tailor our code to reproduce it perfectly.

When you type your new input into MyProject’s web form, our engine will output perfect, brand compliant and press ready graphics in seconds.  Once your master file has been set-up, anyone at your company can order variable products without compromising brand guidelines.

Easier Repeat Ordering

Each web store in the MyProject system is unique to each client meaning that saving, finding and re-ordering product is as easy as a few clicks. Using the username and password that you create, your entire order history can be easily accessed and saved. Each order goes through our streamlined online shopping cart and allows you to quickly adjust things like billing preferences, shipping addresses and more.

Fulfillment and Inventory Control

With MyProject you can take advantage of bulk printing price breaks without the headache of monitoring inventory. We can bulk print your items, store them onsite, and deliver to you only what is needed. We keep track of your inventory, alerting you when your stock is getting low. MyProject saves you time and money by making the entire print process more efficient.

Online Ordering and Payment

MyProject allows you to order your products online and pay online. We can also set up your web store to work with conventional PO systems, if you prefer to receive a paper bill,  or we can set your web store up to accept credit cards. Whatever method of payment is easiest for you, we’ve got you covered.

See how it works! Log in to MyProject Request a Demo