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Whether we are on the hiking trail in the Pacific Northwest or at work producing print media, we are dedicated to leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our hope at Olympus Press is that you share the same goals and would like the peace of mind of knowing some of the things we do to protect our environment. We’re committed to print green while producing craft quality print products.


Technology is at the heart of our efficiencies at Olympus Press. We have invested in presses and systems that are very efficient with make-ready times and materials. Our High Definition technology uses less ink and allows quicker approval at press. Our Digital Workflow does away with heavy metal disposal. Aqueous based coatings and developers are also less disturbing to our environment. All this technology ultimately reduces our paper and chemical usage every day.

Green Processes

At Olympus Press we have processes in place to maximize manufacturing efficiencies. For example our press and blanket cleaning solutions are refined and re-used everyday. During this refinement process we extract and separate reclaimed cleaning solution, soy-based ink and water from the used solution. The reclaimed cleaning solution is mixed with one-third new solution and then is entered back into the press and the soy by-product is recycled. We take the same care handling our aluminum and paper materials.

Training and Education

The most important aspect of a good environmental program is the commitment of its people, and our enthusiasm and commitment can be seen shop-wide. Through Training, Education, and an environmental ethic communicated from our management, we’ve created a healthy workplace, and we still find new opportunities to recycle or eliminate waste by listening to those working around us. Olympus Press’ environmental concern is a reflection of the passion of its people, a passion that shines through in everything we do.

Registered FSC® Paper Supplier

The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC® C103525) is a highly regarded independent global non-profit agency that guides and certifies sustainable forestry practices worldwide. The FSC strives to ensure proper treatment of the environment, wildlife, and indigenous people. We offer FSC Chain of Custody using FSC mixed and FSC recycled products. We are proud to say that over one third of our clients responsibly specify FSC paper. Ask us about our FSC availability!