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Print on Demand Product Labels

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Retail Product Manufacturers

You’re a real company, you make an honest-to-goodness tangible product and people depend on you. Shouldn’t your label printing company operate the same way? We think so. Yet in the wild west of web-retailers, there are plenty of one man print operations pretending to be the real thing, when in reality they are order taking websites, printing your product somewhere else and taking a middleman cut.

When you print your product labels with Olympus, you print at the source. You can call us and make changes anytime. Maybe you’ll need a real person for help and advice – we’re here for that.

Print-on-Demand online Label Ordering

We can also create a custom online storefront just for your labels where you will be sure you are ordering the right product, every time. You can safely turn your label ordering over to any staff member who can operate a mouse. No confusion, online ordering availability and efficiency, it’s just what we do.

What type of labels can we print, you ask? We can print any type of labels, but we specialize in short runs (100 to 10,000) and those requiring die-cutting, self-adhesives, special materials, or unique coatings. We won’t box you into a format, like those label-printing-only outfits. At Olympus, your label printing is as important as your product. How can we help you?


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