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Automated Typesetting with MyProject

Supply us with a press ready file

To create your own web-store for variable print products through MyProject, we’ll first need a single press ready file for your item. We can use Illustrator and Photoshop files, as well as PDF’s.

Supply us with all possible variations

In order to create the typesetting rules for your brand, we need to see all the variations that your item can take on. These variations can be low res files, or copies of your actual items. These files do not need to be editable.

Let us create your custom web-store for you

Once we have your design file and your variations in hand we can start setting up your web-store. This usually takes about one day, depending upon current demand.

Order your products by filling out your custom web form

We will populate your web-store with forms to match your items. These custom forms collect only the information needed for your item and nothing more. When you are done filling out your form and click ‘proof your item’, the field entries you supply will be laid out according to the style rules we’ve written based on your supplied files.

Review your item & checkout

Once submitting your form, you’ll have a chance to review a preview of your item and download an actual PDF vector graphic proof. If everything looks good your ready for checkout! Our checkout process supports credit cards or traditional business to business purchase order systems. Once you submit your purchase, our software engine will actually communicate directly with Adobe Illustrator to create your press ready files and instantly pass them to our pre-press department.

Would you like to demo the MyProject system?

We set up demos for clients all over the country every day. During a demo we can transport our screen onto your desktop and give you the controls. This way you can walk yourself through the system while we answer any questions you might have. Fill out the form below to schedule your demonstration. (your information will only be used to contact you about MyProject)

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