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Introducing Our New Print Field Guide!

When approaching a new print project, whether it be a marketing campaign or updating brand collateral, it can be daunting to try to consider all the options available. Olympus Press has been serving the nation for over 52 years and our staff have seen it all. We’ve put all that experience into creating this guide to give you the best jumping off point on your new print project.

Our new Print Field Guide is designed to guide you through the complex world of print media and marketing with real samples and solutions to help you on your next print run.

Each Print Field Guide includes:

  • Helpful tools to print, color, paper, and the latest advancements in print media
  • Real samples of paper and color you can see and feel in your own hands
  • Insights into brand new web technology that can revolutionize your print ordering and inventory management

Our Print Field Guide combined with the help of our experienced staff, can help you make sure your next print project has the greatest impact.

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