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Experiencing Print

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It’s about time for a change, not only for Olympus Press but for the entire print industry. The industry’s biggest change in the past 10 years has been the Green movement and major steps have been made to be working with Sustainable Resources.  This has been with the help of all of our Paper mills completely revamping their methods of production and sourcing.

So what’s the new direction for the print industry? We think it is in reminding people of the power of the print experience.  Compared to digital media, print is permanent; compared to the internet, print is authoritative. Perhaps the most important truth about content is this:

Free publishing  = unreliable content.
Paid publishing  = highly trusted material.

It is a simple economic fact that will likely never change. This is why we are re-branding Olympus Press to better describe that what we offer is a unique and powerful experience.

Modern marketing plans can no longer afford to ignore Print.  The print experience has a unique power to deliver purchases, and it can drive your market to your website, to your blog, and to your social sites. While the cracks are just beginning to show for those marketers trying to make headway solely in the digital media glut, others are about to find a much more effective and greener route with the incorporation of print. Print Opens Doors.  We can help.

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