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Olympus Press Clients

Some print companies like to list their clients, but we don’t share our corporate and big brand client list. However, with a little imagination you may be able to figure out a few…

Our clients are:

Some of our larger clients are major manufacturing corporations, shoe companies, national airlines, transit authorities, municipalities, telecom corporations, wineries, government agencies, jewelry brands, national health organizations, home furnishing brands, sporting goods brands, national non-profits, food and beverage manufacturers, software giants, educational institutions, creative firms, financial companies, real-estate companies, major insurance providers, famous coffee companies, and designer clothing brands.

Olympus Press excels at serving unique client needs. With our dedicated sales team we can devote your corporate or national account to one team member who will always take your calls and make sure you have the very best service possible. Our team members are all pros, most having more than 15 years experience providing print services to clients.

Try us out on your next project, call 206-242-2700

We’d love the opportunity to serve you well on your next project. To get in touch with one of our dedicated sales team members, give us a call today or email us at info@olypress.com!

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