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2013 Calendar Contest Winners!

This years calendar photo contest was a lot of fun for employees and clients alike! We had almost one hundred entries, and many stunning examples of photographic passion and skill. Ultimately our voters had to decide on just thirteen images

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Experiencing Print

It’s about time for a change, not only for Olympus Press but for the entire print industry. The industry’s biggest change in the past 10 years has been the Green movement and major steps have been made to be working

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Custom Product Packaging

To help market the launch of Thornton Place, a combination community/retail housing complex, we manufactured this really cool die-cut box which contained promotional materials for prospective community members. Unique print projects like this are handled with experience and care at

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Print on Demand Product Labels

Retail Product Manufacturers You’re a real company, you make an honest-to-goodness tangible product and people depend on you. Shouldn’t your label printing company operate the same way? We think so. Yet in the wild west of web-retailers, there are plenty

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Olympus Press Clients

Some print companies like to list their clients, but we don’t share our corporate and big brand client list. However, with a little imagination you may be able to figure out a few… Our clients are: Some of our larger

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Creepy Crawly Trading Cards

This is an interesting project we did for a Seattle Company who produced a set of hair-raising trading cards. The cards pulled all the stops making use of some great print techniques like metallic ink fades, spot varnishes and foil

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Print Design College in a Box

Anyone interested in designing well for print should not be without a fantastic print design resource from NewPage called the ‘Ed Books.’ If you’re a print designer and you haven’t seen the Ed Books before, be prepared for a treat. 

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Social Media Nightmare

Buddy Media, a company that helps clients manage social media through software solutions, recently released this graphic during a new product launch. The graphic was then picked up and added to a blog post at businessinsider.com where it received nearly

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