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2014 Calendar Contest Winners!

This years calendar photo contest was another success! We had just under one hundred entries again, and many stunning examples of photographic passion and skill. Ultimately our voters had to decide on just fourteen images and this years contest was

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Printing Inks

There are many different colors in the world. Some are vibrant, others are soft, and when it comes to printing, capturing true colors is an art. All printing inks start with the same three ingredients; colorants, vehicles and additives. How

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Supersonic Turnaround

Here at Olympus we enjoy a challenge! Seattle Aero wanted to update their look, have folders created, translated in three languages… and all before a trade-show. This gave us a short deadline! We accepted the challenge and with supersonic accurate

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Olympus Knows Periodical Printing

At Olympus we handle all manner of periodicals. Whether you are printing hundreds per month or tens of thousands we have the experience to keep you from common pitfalls that publishers run into. Our pre-press department is always working with

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